Sunday, March 4, 2012

Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day!

No less an illuminary than Harry Truman himself once advised: “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.” Guess no one ever said that in Hawaii—or Kenya, or wherever Barack Hussein Obama is actually from.

In singling out Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County for a little executive abuse from the white house for his determination to rid his county of illegal aliens, it looks like Mr. Obama really stepped in  it. His attacks on Arpaio, through his little friend Eric Holder (of Fast and Furious fame), only led to the massive investigation of Mr. Obama (if that’s his real name) which turned up quite an interesting collection of false ID being used by the president. His birth certificate is a fake. His Selective Service Card is a fake. His Social Security Number was issued to someone who was born in 1895, and lived in Connecticut. He spent a considerable amount of his own money to seal all records of his education, including transcripts, theses or even evidence of attendance and graduation. State Department documents relative to his pre-presidential international travel—and his mother’s—have “disappeared”. Hmmm…

Who the hell is this guy?

Does anybody really know him? Is that his real name? Where was he born? Did he really attend any of those ivy-league universities? Did he actually graduate from any of them? Maybe instead of puckering up every time he turns his backside toward the press, they should start seriously investigating this guy. Forget about the “thrill” that may run up their legs, and find out why the most powerful man on Earth has hidden his identity—and his entire past-- from the American people. Before it’s too late.

Thanks to both houses of Congress, this guy has given himself the authority to direct the Army to arrest and detain—indefinitely—any US citizen the president “suspects” of having ties to terrorists or terrorism. Suspects. No charges need be filed, no attorneys present, no family contact, and detention may not even be within the US. The enabling legislation is called the National Defense Authorization Act, and was co-crafted by America’s favorite RINO, John 
Mc Cain. Remember that when you see his name on a ballot.

Now, Obama has Congress crafting the Enemy Expatriation Act. This fun piece of legislation will give the president the authority to rescind the US Citizenship of those he “suspects” of having ties to terrorists or terrorism. No word on whether Mr. Obama will at least have the common decency to bestow Kenyan citizenship upon those Americans he excommunicates from America—and has the Army detain indefinitely.

Neither of these laws could possibly be constitutional, unfortunately, Supreme Court Justices are little better than politicians themselves, and are appointed by presidents based upon their political orthodoxy rather than understanding of the US Constitution. If the US Supreme Court could decide that the USA Patriot Act was constitutional, is it hard to believe that the NDAA and Enemy Expatriation Acts will likewise be found “constitutional”?

Why aren’t the talking heads giving more than a few moments of discussion on these two pieces of legislation? Why is no one on talk radio addressing this? Hannity gave a few moments to it as it was being drafted by having one of its proponents call into his show. Rush gave it about 5 minutes a week or so after it’s adoption, and that was it. Are they afraid? Should they be? Would the president have them detained by the Army for informing the public about these laws? Since no one can really say just who our president is, no one can really predict what he’ll do with this new, dictatorial power.

I used to believe that the people frightened of FEMA camps were crackpots. Now I wonder. The sites shown online—and I can’t be sure these are genuine, because I don’t live near any of them—seem to show double rows of chainlink fence around them, and razor wire on top. If these are camps for refugees from events like Hurricane Katrina, why all the fences and razorwire? They look more like maximum security prisons. Might they be intended for housing all of the “terrorists” the president has the Army detain? Is a terrorist anybody who opposes, or disagrees with Mr. Obama? Is this where they will be “disappeared” to as opponents of the late Idi Amin were "disappeared" in Uganda?